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Crave Live Resin Liquid Diamonds 3G Disposable
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  • Crave Live Resin Liquid Diamonds 3G Disposable

    Crave is going big with their 3G Live Resin and Liquid Diamond disposable. Packed with the highest quality cannabinoids of THC-A , THC-B and THC-P for potent sessions on the go. This small and discreet device fits comfortably in hand and can easily be concealed for discreet on the go vaping. Simply preheat by pressing the button twice and once more to hit. Available in size different strains.


    BOX QTY: 5 x 3G Crave Live Resin Liquid Diamonds Disposable

    • Capacity: 3G
    • Charger: C-port
    • Components: Live resin, liquid diamonds, THC-A, THC-B and THC-P


    Strains: Black Mamba *Indica* | Lemon Cake *Sativa* | Girl Scout Cookies *Indica* | Unflavored | Wedding Cake *Hybrid* | Alien Cookies *Hybrid*

  • Crave Water Pipe 8 Piece Brief Case Set |REF: Crave 2868|

    Discover the ultimate in portable luxury with the Crave Water Pipe Brief Case Set. This all-in-one smoking solution redefines on-the-go indulgence, bringing together form and function for the discerning connoisseur.Encased in a robust heavy-duty briefcase, this set is a testament to sophistication and practicality. Open the case to reveal a carefully curated collection of essentials designed to enhance your smoking experience. The premium flower bowl caters to dry herb enthusiasts, while the banger offers a sublime option for concentrate lovers. The heavy-duty briefcase not only safeguards your precious accessories but also adds a touch of discreet luxury to your travels. The brief case also includes a glass container, carb cap, grinder, stash jar and glass dab tool.


    • 13″ Water pipe
    • Flower bowl
    • Banger
    • Glass container
    • Carb cap
    • Grinder
    • Stash jar
    • Glass dab tool
  • Crave Glass Water Pipe Brief Case Set |REF: Crave 2858|

    Crave is constantly bringing new items to your shelves that will have your customers coming back for more. Certain Crave Glass styles are now available in gift set and brief case sets. Great for storing the glass piece when not in use to keep all you need in one convenient place. This Crave brief case set includes a solid color 12 inch water pipe bong, flower bowl, banger and carb cap. The heavy duty brief case keeps the glass piece protected from any damage and can be stored anywhere out of reach.


    • 12″ water pipe bong
    • Flower bowl
    • Banger
    • Carb cap
  • Crave Mini Swirl Water Pipe Gift Set |REF: Crave 2629|

    This Crave water pipe features a swirl pattern over the body, neck and bowl insert. Not only is this bong aesthetic to look at but it is simple to clean and use. The gift box contains a banger and carb cap for the dab wax enthusiasts to enjoy this mini swirled bong. Combining design and functionality into one the Crave swirl water pipe would be a great addition to any cannabis user’s collection.


    • 6″ water pipe
    • Flower bowl
    • Banger
    • Carb cap
  • Crave 3.5G THC-A Pre-Roll Display

    Crave is at it again with their new premium indoor 3.5G THC-A Flower Crave pre-rolls. Each preroll is packed with 0.5G of premium flower and coated with crystalized diamond. The Crave pre-rolls are the perfect size for a personal session or a quick smoke. No need to worry about rolling and making a mess with these THC-A pre-rolls simply light and enjoy. The pre-roll jar is child proof and seal proof to keep the pre-rolls fresh. Six different strains are available whether your customer is looking for an indica, sativa or hybrid Crave pre-rolls have got you covered.

    JAR QTY: 7 x 0.5G THC-A Flower Pre-roll

    DISPLAY QTY: 10 x 3.5G Crave Pre-roll Jar

    Strains: Black Mamba *Indica* | Wedding Cake *Hybrid* | Alien Cookies *Hybrid* | Girl Scout Cookies *Indica* | Candyland *Sativa* | Lemon Cake *Sativa*




    The Crave 3.5G THC-A Flower Pre-roll contain less than 0.3> Delta 9 on a dry weight basis in accordance with the regulatory delta laws.


  • Crave Frosted Spiked Quartz Banger Case |REF: QF 575|

    This Crave Frosted Spiked Quartz Banger comes in a metal case that can be used for storage afterwards. Also included is a carb cab and mini balls to enhance the dab wax experience. The quartz banger fits into any 14mm dab rig to pair design and efficiency in one.

    Size: 14mm

  • Crave Frosted Quartz Banger Case |REF: QF 576|

    This Crave Quartz Banger Case includes a 14mm frosted design banger, carb cap and 2 mini balls. This decorative banger adds design and functionality to your piece. The best part is that this quartz banger comes in a metal case that can be used as a storage container for the banger and accessories.

    Size: 14mm

  • Crave Quartz Banger Case |REF: QF 663|

    This Crave Quartz Banger Case is decorated with gold and pink cloud like details over an entire translucent pink banger. The quartz banger case also includes a well fitted carb cap to preserve vapor and heat.

    Size: 14mm

  • Crave Quartz Banger Kit

    The Crave Quartz Banger Kit is an all in one banger and pipe. This frosted detail pipe features a large dab wax banger with an extended pipe and attached handle piece for holding. This banger kit removes the hassle of having two separate pieces for concentrates. Instead pack, heat and get dabbing!

    Length: 9 inches

  • Crave BC7000 Disposable Vape

    Introducing the latest from Crave, the BC7000 bigger than ever with 15mL e-liquid and up to 7000 puffs. The Crave BC7000 sports a mesh coil and LED screen to indicate e-liquid and battery levels making it easy to use. The disposable vape fits comfortable in hand for efficient on the go use and is rechargeable via a USB-C cable. With flavorful puffs each time it is no question why the Crave BC7000 disposable vape is a fan favorite.

    BOX QTY: 10 pieces

    CASE QTY: 20 boxes (200 pieces)


    • Puffs: 7000
    • E-liquid: 15mL
    • Coil: Mesh
    • LED Screen; E-liquid and Battery indicator
    • Charger: USB-C


    Flavors: Clear 3% | Clear 5% | Black Ice | Blueberry Ice | Blue Razz Ice | Ice Grape | Peach Ice | Watermelon Ice | Strawberry Ice | Bubble Frost | Mint | Cotton Candy | Mango Ice

  • Crave Smart USB Charger 510 Thread – 30 Pack

    The Crave Smart USB Charger is the perfect way to recharge any 510 thread connection battery pen quickly and safely. The container contains 30 single Crave USB chargers, perfect for any convenience store or smoke shop counter. Simply twist on the USB charger and get to charging without the worry of overcharging with the auto safety shut off feature. The light on the charger will turn green when the battery pen is fully charged and stops the current flow as to not wear out the battery. The pocket-size of the charger makes it easy to use on the go and carry around.

    Pairs with any 510 thread connection battery

    CONTAINER QTY: 30 x Crave Smart USB Charger


    • 510 Thread
    • Pocket size
    • Rapid charging
    • Over charge protection
    • 30 count

    Shop our Crave Collection here!

  • Crave 69 6900 Puffs Disposable Vape BOX DEAL

    The CRAVE 69 Disposable device sports a mesh coil and is a device that is pre-filled with 13mL of premium CRAVE vape juice. Delivering top notch flavor up to 6900 puffs.


    Battery: 2200mAh

    Liquid: 13mL

    Puffs: 6900

    Type-C Rechargeable

    Coil: Mesh

    Crave 69 Flavors:

    • Gorilla Glue
    • Banana Kush
    • Cool Mint
    • Skywalker OG
    • OG Peach
    • Berry Fusion
    • Raspberry OG
    • Mango Haze
    • Lush Ice
    • Gelato
    • Aloe Grape
    • Naked ( un-flavored )
    • AND MORE!

    Place your orders for Wholesale Crave 69 disposable vape at a valued price!

  • Crave Max 2G Discreet Battery

    Introducing the remarkable Crave Max 2G discreet battery pen for cartridges, a cutting-edge 510 thread connection vaping device designed to deliver an exceptional portable vaping experience. Engineered with precision, this pen features a long-lasting adjustable voltage battery, resembling a sleek disposable vape in form, ensuring effortless portability and subtle use in any setting.

    DISPLAY QTY: 12 pcs

    CASE QTY: 12 Displays


    • Button/ Draw-activation
    • 510 Thread connection
    • LED light indicator
    • Adjustable Voltage
    • USB-C recharge
    • 1-2G oil cartridge

    Colors: Black | White | Yellow | Rainbow | Gold | Blue | Orange | Light Blue

    Includes: 12 x Crave Max 2G Discreet Battery Pen and USB-C cables


    Shop our Crave Collection here!

  • New Crave Max Discreet Battery Pen

    Looking for complete discretion for carts? Crave introduces the Crave Max Discreet Battery Pen fit with a 320mAh battery that completely conceals a compatible 510 thread cartridge. This battery pen has a variable voltage of 3.3v-3.8v and 1.8v during pre-heating. It is rechargeable via a USB-C charging cable (not included). Simply pull the bottom part out, screw cartridge in and enjoy the vaporizing experience with airflow activated draw. Three colors available are thermal color changing.

    DISPLAY QTY: 12 pieces (mixed colors)

    CASE QTY: 40 displays (480 pieces)



    • Complete discretion
    • 320mAh Battery capacity
    • Variable voltage: 3.3v-3.8v (preheat at 1.8v)
    • 510 Thread cartridge compatible
    • USB-C charger (not included)
    • Airflow activated (on/off/preheat/draw)
    • Thermal color changing


    1. Quickly draw 5 times to power on
    2. Quickly draw 2 times to pre-heat
    3. Draw 3 times to change voltage (LED indicator)
    4. Quickly draw 5 times to power off


    Color: Solid (Blue | Red/Black | Silver) | Color Changing (Brown-Green | Purple-Pink | Blue-Purple)

  • Crave Mini Twist Variable Voltage Battery

    Crave introduces their variable voltage Crave Mini Twist Battery device. A compact sleek design that easily fits in a user’s pocket and partially covers the cartridge for discretion. Turn the dial on the bottom to switch between 3.3v-4.8v depending on the strength desired. Simply place the cartridge into the slot to be attached via magnet, preheat and enjoy. A childproof lock is added for extra safety to ensure this is for adult use only. Shaped to fit perfectly in hand with a matte finish feel for comfortable use and experience. Solid and gradient color schemes are available.

    DISPLAY QTY: 12ct

    CASE QTY: 24 displays


    • Variable Voltage: 3.3v-4.8v
    • Childproof lock
    • Pre-heat function
    • 510 thread cart compatible
    • Magnet adapter
    • Micro-USB charger

    Colors: Red | Yellow | Green | Black | White | Orange | White/Green | Green/Yellow | Blue/Red | Red/Green | Yellow/Red | Mix

  • Crave Glass Colored Chamber Water Pipe | REF: C-RO 5326|

    The Crave Glass Chamber water pipe features two chambers for diffusion and a circle percolator at the bottom for extra filtration.

    • 14mm male bowl
    • Funnel chamber
    • Ball chamber
    • Circle perc
    • Height 10″
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