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Water Pipe Gift Set with Ashtray 11PC

Novelty Wholesale:

Explore the world of smoking novelty at SIG Distro with a new unique item at every twist and turn. Whether it’s the set you have been looking for or the ashtrays your customer keeps asking about, our inventory will provide what you need.

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  • Water Pipe Gift Set with Ashtray 11PC

    Introducing the Water Pipe Full Set Box – a comprehensive kit crafted for the ultimate smoking experience. Included in this ensemble is a visually stunning 8″ beaker adorned with an eye-catching pattern, seamlessly blending style and functionality. The set comes complete with essential accessories like a flower bowl, banger, jar, silicone jar, metal grinder, glass ashtray, and a metal tray, providing all the elements needed for a seamless smoking session. Additionally, a cleaning tool and dab tool are included to ensure the maintenance of your water pipe. Elevate your smoking ritual with this meticulously curated set, where quality and aesthetics converge for an unparalleled enjoyment.


    • 8″ Beaker
    • Metal tray
    • Metal grinder
    • Jar
    • Silicone jar
    • Glass ashtray
    • Dab tool
    • Cleaning tool
    • Flower bowl
    • Banger
    • Downstem
  • Rolling Gift Set

    This Rolling Gift Set packs all users will need into one convenient place to make rolling on the go easy. Roll and store the pre-rolls in the case without a worry of damage. Pack multiple cones at a time with the multi-cone packer and to get you started are a couple paper booklets.


    • Metal tray
    • Rolling machine
    • Multi-cone packer
    • Rolling paper
  • Roor Glass Ashtray |6-pack|

    The ROOR Glass ashtray is an excellent addition to any smoker’s assortment, allowing ROOR enthusiasts to choose from a variety of classic decals that reflect their personality.

  • Roor Black Glass Ash Tray (6-Pack)

    The ROOR Glass ashtray is an ideal complement for any smoker’s ensemble, featuring classic ROOR decals that reflect personal preferences and style. It allows ROOR enthusiasts to select their preferred decal to match their personality.

  • Roor Glass Crystal Cut Ashtray |6-Pack|

    This exquisite hand-cut crystal ashtray doubles as a jewelry tray, appealing to both smokers and non-smokers. It features sandblasted engraving underneath, adding to its beauty and making it a desirable limited collector’s item.

  • Multifunction Smoke Gun Kit

    Introducing the most powerful automatic smoke blower that blows large clouds. This multifunction smoke gun is the ultimate novelty item.


    • Cordless Battery Operated Smoke Gun
    • Trigger
    • Multi Color LED Light Switch
    • 100mL Bud Capacity
    • 3.7V Battery
    • Length- 23”

    Kit Includes:

    • Smoke Gun
    • Rechargeable Battery
    • Charging Cable
    • 100mL Herb Chamber
    • Traveling Case
    • Storage Jar
    • Dab Tool

    Colors: Orange | Blue | Black | Green | Purple

  • Portable Party Time Vaporizer Smoke Gun

    This Portable Party Time Vaporizer is the perfect smoke gun that holds up to 2 cartridges for the ultimate smoking experience, with a Bluetooth speaker.


    • Cordless Battery Operated Smoke Gun
    • Trigger
    • Bluetooth Speaker
    • Fits 2 – 2mL Cartridges
    • LED Light Switch

    Kit Includes:

    • Travel Case
    • Smoke Gun
    • 2 – 2mL Empty Cartridges
    • Charging Cable
    • Instruction Manual

    Styles: Camo Green | Camo Red | 420 Yellow | 420 Black

  • LED Sparing Smoke Gun Kit

    The Led Sparing smoke Gun, the best automatic bud blower, this blower’s design is ideal for herbal use, power by a rechargeable battery and lightweight for an easy grab.


    • Cordless Battery Operated Smoke Gun
    • Trigger
    • Multi Color LED Light

    Kit includes:

    • LED Smoke Gun
    • Rechargeable Battery
    • 2 USB-C Cables
    • Glass Herb chamber
    • Briefcase
    • Dab Tol
    • Grinder / Storage Jar
    • Metal Barrel Attachment

    Colors: Blue |Red | Purple | Black | Green

  • Glow in The Dark Ashtray Display 6 CT

    These ashtrays are equipped with glow-in-the-dark technology, making them visually striking. The collection offers a variety of patterns, ensuring something for every preference. A display of 6 ashtrays, they make for an attractive retail display.


  • Large Magnetic 3D Tray

    Large Magnetic Cover Trays are great for storing remaining flower and keeping all tools in one place mess free. The cover is a 3D image that covers the entire tray and has a strong hold.

    Measurements: 12″ x 7″

  • Medium Magnetic 3D Tray

    Medium Magnetic Cover Trays are great for storing remaining flower and keeping all tools in one place mess free. The cover is a 3D image that covers the entire tray and has a strong hold.

    Measurements: 10″ x 6″

  • Pop Can Display 6 CT

    Introducing Pop Can Stash: the discreet and clever way to hide your valuables. Resembling an everyday soda can, this stash can offers a secret compartment to keep your items safe and secure. Perfect for home or on the go, it blends seamlessly with your surroundings, providing a covert storage solution. Stay low-key with Pop Can Stash – because sometimes the best hiding spot is in plain sight.

    DISPLAY QTY: 6 pieces

  • Hand Roll Set 5 Pieces

    This Hand Roll Set is the perfect beginners set when learning how to roll. Included is all the needed materials to make rolling a simple task. This sets includes a metal tray, plastic grinder, funnel, rolling paper and cone maker. Make rolling perfect joints with this hand roll set. Add a new piece of novelty to your shelves with this 5 piece hand roll set.


    • Metal tray
    • Plastic grinder
    • Papers
    • Cone Maker
    • Funnel
  • Water Pipe Full Gift Set w/ Tray

    This Water Pipe Full Gift Set is the perfect bundle of items all together in one convenient box! Open the box to reveal an 8″ beaker bong, metal grinder, metal tray, stash jar and 20 pack cones. Each item in this gift set is fully decorated with the chosen design along with the entire box. A great choice for the holidays or a personal gift. Available in 5 different designs.


    • 8″ Beaker
    • Metal tray
    • Metal grinder
    • Stash jar
    • 20 Cones
  • LED Lava Lamp Water Pipe

    This Led Lava Lamp water pipe is a great gift or decoration for anyone! The water pipe features a plastic base and body easily removable to fill water or clean. Press the button and watch the show happen with different color ways lighting up the room. Available in 4 different colors. Compatible with flower bowls, bangers and electric chambers.

    Colors: Red | Blue | Gold | Silver

    Height: 12in

    Available on backorder

  • 7 Piece One Set

    This 7 piece one set includes everything needed to get a session going and continuing. This set includes a metal tray, plastic grinder, joint holder container, funnel, packing tool, cleaning brush and papers. Having a set of items makes it easier for the customer when trying to decide what to get. All together in one convenient package at a set price is a great deal!


    • Metal tray
    • Plastic grinder
    • Joint storage container
    • Funnel
    • Packing tool
    • Papers
    • Cleaning brush
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