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Truemoola Happy Tube 25cnt
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  • Truemoola Happy Tube 25cnt

    This powerful strain delivers a sharp, invigorating experience. Each joint is pre-packed with top-quality, hand-trimmed flower, allowing for effortless enjoyment and relaxation. Available in three different strains.

    QTY: 25PCS


    • THC % = 17%.  CBD % =1%
    • 1.5G Per preroll / 60G Per Jar

    Strains: Unicorn Poop *Hybrid* | Lemon Haze *Sativa* | King Louis *Indica*

  • Truemoola Premium THC-A 1.5g Preroll 40cnt Jar

    Introducing the latest from Truemoola with their 40cnt THC-A 1.5G preroll jar. These pre-rolls are made with the highest quality THC-A flower and ideal for anyone who likes a quick session of their favorite cannabinoid generously. Each pre-roll is packed with 1.5G THC-A flower in a sealed jar to preserve freshness. Available in three different strains.


    • Premium THC-A Indoor Grown Flower
    • NET WT 2.1oz / 1.5G Per preroll / 60G Per Jar

    Strains: Jack Herrer *Sativa* | Biscotti *Indica* | Gelato *Hybrid*

  • Truemoola Micro Dose Gummy Box

    Introducing the Truemoola Micro Dose gummies, infused with live resin THC, these Vegan-friendly treats are crafted in the USA. These gummies will have you relaxing on the beach with the Tropical flavor, being wild with the Wild Berry or feeling exotic with the Cherry Gelato. Each strain provides a great experience at the desired dosage.

    BAG QTY: 10 gummies
    BOX QTY: 10 Bags

    Strains: Tropical *Sativa* | Wild Berry *Indica* | Cherry Gelato *Hybrid*

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