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Aztec Hourglass Shaped Rig |REF: GB 006|
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  • Aztec Hourglass Shaped Rig |REF: GB 006|

    This small hourglass shaped rig is decorated with skull and rose patterns all over with blue and pink accented colors. A slit perc provides filtration for clean debris free hits each time. Compatible with both concentrates and flower this dab rig provides functionality and style in one. A handing medallion finishes off this unique water pipe.

  • Aztec Pattern Rig |REF: GB 005|

    Look no further for stand out pieces for your shelves! This Aztec patterned rig is unlike anything else with decorated patterns all over and a hanging medallion. Adaptable for both concentrates and flower this rig does it all. The frosted details add an extra layer of grip.

  • Hourglass Shape Aztec Head Water Pipe |REF: GB 004|

    A unique piece with an hourglass shaped body decorated all over Aztec patterns. A stone like perc inside fiters out any harshness for clean smooth hits. The frosted sections provide grip to this water pipe to prevent dropping. This statement piece stands out amongst other pieces.

  • Floating Head Aztec Pattern Water Pipe |REF: GB 003|

    This piece combines art and functionality in one with the floating head encased in the middle chamber decorated in Aztec patterns. The head serves as a percolator where the smoke can filter around for smooth hits. A slit disc perc is placed at the bottom for initial recycling to remove any harshness and debris. Take large puffs and appreciate the details of this unique water pipe. A stand out amongst others on the shelf!

  • Frosted Aztec Pattern Beaker |REF: GB 002|

    A showstopper and water pipe in one with this Aztec pattern beaker. Marvel at the unique patterns and stone like percolator for clean recycling each time. The wide middle chamber provides an extra area for the smoke to filter through before drawn upwards towards the mouth piece.

  • Aztec Female Head Dab Rig |REF: GB 001|

    Its all in the details with this line of Aztec water pipes, inspired by the exquisite patterns and culture into one functioning piece. This water pipe adorns a female head with overall pattern with a slit disc perc for filtration. Works with both concentrates and flowers with a simple switch of the bowl accessory piece.

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