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Everything You Need to Know: Crave Max Discreet Battery

No more hiding your pen up your sleeve or sneaking a quick rip without anyone seeing the cart. Crave has got you completely covered with their new 2G discreet battery pen made with the latest technology. The new Crave Max 2G pen might look like your typical disposable vape but hidden inside is your favorite concentrate cart. It is a discreet and powerful 510 thread battery pairing functionality and style into one with the hidden compartment for the cartridge. With portable vaping technology in mind, the Crave Max 2G is the go to battery pen for any concentrate cart enthusiast.

Fit with a powerful 650mAh battery it is sure to handle any thickness of oil by adjusting the voltage to compliment the cartridge type. With features that stand out against its competitors, the Crave Max 2G satisfies and pairs great with any oil cartridge. Being an adjustable battery pen, the preheat is as powerful, to prevent clogs, delivering smooth hits every time. A discreet button on the bottom controls the on/off, pre-heat and voltage adjustments. Similar to most battery pens it is five times to power on/off, twice for pre-heat and three times to adjust the voltage. Even though this discreet battery pen has a built-in button you do not need to use it to take a hit, the draw activation allows the use without the hassle of pressing a button.

Taking a closer look into this discreet battery pen, a strong hold magnetic base keeps the bottom cartridge compartment in place. A drop test cannot take the Crave Max 2G out, protecting and hiding your oil cartridge for use wherever you go. Using this battery pen means you get to choose how you want to use it. A simple push of a button or draw-activation gets this cartridge pen going delivering flavorful smooth hits. Crave Max 2G is capable of hiding a large variety of cartridges with the widely adopted 510 thread connection. Another user-friendly feature to highlight is the LED indicator which shows battery level and function change. When it is time to recharge the LED will blink red but no need to worry, charging the Crave Max 2G is as easy and convenient as can be. Recharge using a USB-C cable till the LED indicates a full charge and go on your way with a fully charged long lasting battery.

Size matters and in this case the Crave Max 2G is compatible with a variety of 510 thread 1-2g carts. The versatility needed to satisfy the cravings of all oil enthusiasts whether on the go, at home or with others all with a discreet battery pen in the palm of your hand. Keep unwanted attention away with this disposable vape lookalike.

Charge on the go, using a USB-C cable, without the worry of short-circuiting or over charging your Crave Max 2G. Portable vaping technology allows the use of the battery pen on the go in a sleek and stylish device similar to a disposable vape. Hide your cart in style with eight different color ways, a color to match any style and personality. Or one for each mood!

The Crave Max 2G is unlike other 510 thread batteries combining versatility and discretion into one. A stylish disposable vape lookalike with a long lasting battery, variable voltage settings and drop tested to keep the oil cartridge hidden in the compartment. Packed with user-friendly features this battery pen is sure to be a fan favorite! Enjoy portable vaping made easy with the Crave Max 2G, the right choice for any oil enthusiast.


Written by: Stephanie J – SIG Content Creator

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