The Differences Between Glass Smoking Pipes


The Differences Between Glass Smoking Pipes

Glass pipes come in all different shapes and sizes, each pipe has a reason to why it was made like this. Each pipe also has advantages and disadvantages. 

Before you head to your local head-shop, here's everything you need to know about pipes. Here at SIG Distro, we love our customers and readers to get the most of the information that we provide.  

What is a Glass Pipe ?

Pipes used for smoking are manufactured using a variety of materials, including glass, metal, corn cob, acrylic and certain types of wood, meanwhile if you ask any type of smoker, glass pipes are always the ones that last long and are durable for almost anything.

Why Glass?

The primary reason why glass is the most common and the most durable is that it is a very clean material, even though it might break, yet it will stay clean with the appropriate procedures and care taken. 

Some pipes that are made out of wood, acrylic, or silicone may get clogged and usually contaminate the cannabis smoke wether by changing the taste, altering the order, and many more...

Glassblowers often mix beautiful colors to create patterns and shapes for an individual to enjoy, they spend lots of time to create atlas one pipe in a beautiful pattern, you will never find a glass pipe made by glass blowers that looks identical to the other.

Main Types of Glass Pipes in the Market


Spoons are wildly used and very recognizable from their simple design, spoons are the most popular types of smoking. one end is a spoon shaped bowl, it where you pack your tobacco or cannabis and then the other end is where you inhale the smoke. adjacent to the bowl there is a hole which is called a "carb", it controls the airflow by either covering or uncovering the carb with your finger. 

One Hitter - Chillums

Chillums also known as " One-Hitter" they can be described as a glass cylinder, you pack one end with the flower, ignite it and smoke out the other end. its called a One-Hitter for a reason, you hit it once, some of them look like cigarettes some are smaller than the others but they do have on purpose which it to smoke out of it once, and then clean it which is much easier than other pipes. Chillums and One-Hitters are the most discrete way of smoking now-a-days.


Steamrollers are basically extra-large chillums, they just include a small depression for you to pack it with flower, a carb to control the air flow, and a larger cylinder to smoke out of. you put your mouth on one end , and your. finger on the other, ignite the flower and inhale, while your smoking release your finger form the carb, this way a rush of air will be included in your smoke, and gives you the hit or the rush of smoking. 

Sherlock pipes

if you've ever seen Sherlock Holmes, then you know what this is. Most Sherlock pipes are made out of wood and some of them are made out of glass for a new look. Same thing same story nothing changes, a carb to control the air flow, a hole to pack, and the other end to inhale. same process different look.

Nectar Collectors 

Nectar collectors are specifically made to be used with wax concentrates just like oil rigs are, to use it first you put your concentrate in the dish , heat the tip of your nectar collector, move it to the dab, drawing the vapor up through the mouthpiece, the longer you hold the tip to the dish the bigger the hit you get, so be careful and move with the rhythm.


 A bong also known as "water pipe", the concept of a bong is to cool the smoke by having is pass through several chambers with water, some bongs have ice catchers so you could add ice to the top to have a cool smooth hit. Bongs either are very simple like one straight pipe, or have a very complex design like a recycler. 


Bubbler is like a mini water pip bong, the bottom base is circular and flat which makes it stand on its own, they include a small water chamber that cools the smoke for a better hit. 


Cleaning is one of the most important thing you can do after your smoke session, so you don't loose the pipe's efficiency , try to always keep it clean. Some like to clean their pipes with isopropyl alcohol and salt, even though that might be efferent there is no better way than using specific cleaners. 



When Choosing the right glass for you, always keep in mind, how many times you will be using it, your budget, and the smoking experience you're looking for. For more examples head on to our website and check out our types of pipes and what we do offer in our collections list 







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