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A World of Color: Dummy Vape’s Wacky Take Over

Taking the world by a colorful storm Dummy Vape, a new disposable vape on the market in collaboration with rapper 6ix9ine and HQD Tech Vape. This stand out disposable brings new unique flavors unlike any competitor, taking users on a flavorful blast of an experience.

With flavors as daring and colorful as 6ix9ine’s personality and aesthetic, each puff will leave smoking enthusiasts in a cloud of vibrant flavors. With flavors ranging from a blend of fruits to mouth watering desserts, there is a flavor for every palate. The creative flavor names are in reference to the colorful rapper with words he typically uses in his music and titles he is known as, such as the King of New York and Trollz Twist.

Enter a world full of color with the Dummy Vape, a colorful handheld disposable vape with a rubber like finish that feels comfortable to hold. Powered by a 650mAh battery this vape is made for long lasting vaping sessions on the go with pre-filled 19mL of wacky flavorful e-liquid. Backed by the well-known rapper tekashi 69 or better known as 6ix9ine the Dummy Vape will ignite your customer’s vibe leaving them wanting more. A LED screen makes this disposable vape more user friendly by indicating the e-liquid and battery levels so the user knows when it needs to be charged or when it is completely empty. No more guessing if there are a couple more drops of e-liquid left, the Dummy Vape LED screen shows the e-liquid levels to ease the mind. This blast of flavor reaches upwards of 8000 puffs per device ensuring a flavorful experience each puff.

Dummy Vapes

The Dummy Vape created by 6ix9ine in collaboration with HQD Tech Vapes is a rechargeable disposable vape capable of reaching up to 8000 puffs with a blast of flavors in each puff. The disposable device is rechargeable via a USB-C cable and is built with the latest portable vaping technology. Charge without the worry of short circuiting or over charging as this vape is built with design and durability. Each device is filled with 19mL of 5% (50mg) nicotine strength with a decorated exterior dawning references to tekashi 69’s tattoos and colorful hair.

It is no surprise that Dummy Vape has become a fan favorite in the vaping community. With the support of the famous rapper 6ix9ine, Dummy Vape is taking over the industry one colorful brick at a time.

Contact SIG Distro for Dummy Vape Wholesale inquiries via email info@sigdistro.com or (617)-943-2040.

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Written By: Stephanie J – Content Creator at SIG

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